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    About Act

Welcome To MIS Portal Of RGDPS Act-2011 The Government of Rajasthan has enacted the Rajasthan Guaranteed Delivery of Public Services Act, 2011 to ensure that Public Services are delivered to the citizens by all State Departments in a transparent, timely, efficient and responsible manner. Currently 153 important services of 18 departments are incorporated in Act. As per the provisions of the Act, if an official fails to provide service to the people in a time bound manner, the citizen can file the appeal against the Designated officer and the official is bound to face disciplinary action as well a fine up to Rs. 5000.

    G2G Benefits

  • End to end application tracking, monitoring, reporting for different level of governing stakeholders.
  • Ease in maintaining online registers for all level of officials.
  • Facilitate the audit to track application actions, recognize the root cause for delay in service delivery & take appropriate actions to reduce the delivery time.
  • Improved record maintenance accuracy, consistency, security and disaster recovery.
  • Dashboards for all government officials for effective tracking of application assigned.
  • Aging reports, Pendency escalations, Alert mechanism to the authority for day to day monitoring.
  • Provision to have easy enhanced for the services basket.
  • Auto SMS/Email Notification facility to department Officials/Authorities regarding pendency.
  • Information flows over a telephone/mobile network which has a much larger penetration.
  • To bring in accountability and enhance the performance of various government departments.
  • Easier reporting and monitoring and Tracking on office hierarchy level.
  • Transparency of rules, procedures, data and decision making.
  • Productivity gains - May increase number of transactions processed per month.

    G2C Benefits

  • Getting service in the stipulated time limit.
  • Reduce travel costs, travel time, elapsed time for service, delivery and cost of repeated visits.
  • When applied, citizen assured by getting the receipt along with Service delivery date for applied service.
  • Tracking the application through on an online portal anytime anywhere.
  • Anytime availability of on-the-fly information regarding service delivery officer, service enclosures & Appeal authorities along with the nearest service location to their respective areas.
  • Get acknowledgment through SMS/e-Mail on every action of Application.
  • Improvements in complaint handling and problem resolution by Appeal provisioning.
  • The penalty would be imposed on respective service delivery officer & may be rewarded to the appellant in case delay proven.